The hallway to the girls changing room is littered with bags and clothes. Make-up and hairbrushes lay scattered all over the place, it feels like everyone has left in a hurry. The bell in the parade ground has already sounded and lateness is not something to be tolerated. This is a place that prides itself on being ‘a disciplined organization’, and it's written on numerous plaques hanging throughout the establishment as a discreet reminder. As I make my way out, I pass the boys changing rooms and notice a door that’s slightly ajar. Peering in and I am confronted with a similar mess to what I had witnessed in the girls quarters, a strong smell of aftershave hits me as I turn to leave. I hurry out to the parade ground and set up my camera. Inspection has started and the commanding officer walks among the cadets as they all stand to attention. As I start to take pictures I notice a girl pulling her sleeves over her hands to cover her bright pink nail polish. She catches the eye of a boy standing next to her. His beret appears to be balancing upon an immaculately coiffed head of hair gel. I hear giggles and whispers between them as the officer belts out the afternoons schedule. I smile to myself as I recall my days in the cadets and how seven years later I still couldn’t make it down to the parade ground on time.

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